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Chikungunya is a disease caused by a virus. It is widespread in many continents, particularly Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It has also been reported in parts of the Americas and some European countries, including Italy and France. Most epidemics occur during the rainy season.
  • Symptoms Fever and severe joint pains. Other symptoms can include headache, muscle pains, rashes, fatigue and nausea.
  • How do you catch chikungunya? Infected daytime-biting mosquitos transmit the virus. Peak times tend to be early morning and late afternoon.
  • Incubation period 4 – 8 days
  • Diagnosis Diagnosis is usually based on the symptoms and confirmed by a blood test.


Chikungunya is prevented by avoiding mosquito bites, through use of an effective insect repellent and wearing long, loose-fitting clothing.


Symptoms resolve with time but rest and painkillers can help.

  • There is no vaccine available to protect travellers
  • Emptying containers of standing water will help in the reduction of mosquito breeding areas
  • The name 'chikungunya' comes from the Swahili term for a stooped walk, in reference to the joint pain experienced during the illness
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