Latest Health News

  • 23-Mar-2017 Egypt - Foodborne illness
    Publish Date: 23/03/2017 09:23:16

    Media sources have reported more than 3,300 cases of food poisoning in children in Sohag province (C), Mar 17. The outbreak has been linked to contaminated school lunches.

  • 22-Mar-2017 Somalia - Cholera/acute watery diarrhoea
    Publish Date: 22/03/2017 16:48:47

    The number of cases of acute watery diarrhoea/cholera continues to increase with over 13,100 cases (302 deaths) reported in 12 regions, Jan-Mar 17. Bay (S), Bakol (S), Lower Shabelle (SE), Gedo (SW) and Galgadud (C) regions are most affected. A mass vaccination campaign is planned to prevent spread to other areas. Large outbreaks were recorded during 2016 with at least 15,600 cases (548 deaths).

  • 22-Mar-2017 Bolivia - Yellow fever
    Publish Date: 22/03/2017 16:25:19

    The WHO has reported a case of yellow fever in an unvaccinated tourist visiting Caranavi (W), Jan 17.

  • 22-Mar-2017 Peru - Yellow Fever
    Publish Date: 22/03/2017 16:20:29

    There have been 7 confirmed and probable cases (2 deaths) of yellow fever, Mar 17. The cases were from Ayacucho (C), Amazonas (N), Pasco (C) and San Martin (C) departments. The WHO reported 80 cases (26 deaths) during 2016 with Junin province (central) most affected. This was the highest number of cases for 9 years.

  • 22-Mar-2017 Ecuador (inc. Galapagos Is) - Yellow fever
    Publish Date: 22/03/2017 16:10:38

    The WHO has reported a confirmed case of yellow fever from Sucumbíos (NE), Mar 17. The last confirmed case was in 2012.

  • 22-Mar-2017 Brazil - Yellow Fever
    Publish Date: 22/03/2017 15:50:27

    Over 1,550 confirmed and suspected cases of yellow fever (137 confirmed deaths) have been reported from the states of Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, São Paulo, Bahia, Tocantins, Goias and Rio Grande do Norte, Jan-Mar 17. Local vaccination campaigns have begun. The transmission area where vaccination is recommended has been extended.

  • 22-Mar-2017 Netherlands - Tick-borne encephalitis
    Publish Date: 22/03/2017 15:05:00

    The first 2 locally acquired cases of tick-borne encephalitis have been reported from Sallandse heuvelrug (E)and Utrecht (C) areas, Mar 17. Both cases occurred in 2016. It is not clear whether the vaccine available in the UK will protect against this strain.

  • 22-Mar-2017 Pakistan - Poliomyelitis
    Publish Date: 22/03/2017 13:23:10

    Pakistan is one of the few countries still reporting polio cases. 2 cases of wild polio virus have been reported, Jan-Mar 17. The most recent case is from Gilgit Baltistan (N) where no new cases have been reported for several years. 20 cases of wild polio virus and 1 case of circulating vaccine-derived polio (cVDPV) were reported from Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces and Federal Tribal Area, during 2016.

  • 22-Mar-2017 Congo - Monkeypox
    Publish Date: 22/03/2017 13:04:12

    Health authorities have reported 20 cases (3 deaths) from monkeypox in northern Congo, Mar 17. Monkeypox is a viral infection which causes a rash similar to chickenpox. It only occurs in rural areas in central/west Africa. Monkeypox can affect all ages but is most common in children. Infection is transmitted by direct contact with primates, squirrels or other infected humans.

  • 22-Mar-2017 Italy - Measles
    Publish Date: 22/03/2017 12:54:25

    Health officials have reported 700 cases of measles, with the majority of cases in Piedmont (N), Lazio (C), Lombardy (N) and Tuscany (C), Mar 17. 844 cases were reported in 2016. Measles is a viral infection which causes a red blotchy rash and occasionally more serious disease. 2 doses of the MMR vaccine are recommended to provide protection against the disease. The travel consultation is good opportunity to ensure that all travellers are in-date with their primary vaccinations.