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With over 30 years at the forefront of travel health, MASTA is proud to bring you alerts and topical information from across the globe. Make MASTA your one stop shop for expert advice, leaving you concentrate on what is most important… enjoying your travels.

An update on the Zika Virus

Despite the decrease of emergency declarations about Zika, it is still a threat...
Tags: Zika, zika virus, risks, Pregnancy, preparation, travelling, advice, mosquito

MASTA Travel Health Alert - 13th June 2017

A large outbreak of conjunctivitis has been reported in Guadeloupe...
Tags: Chikungunya, Anthrax, rabies, Conjunctivitis, Dengue Fever, Dengue, Hantavirus, Polio, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

MASTA Travel Health Alert- 8th June 2017

Over 6,400 confirmed cases of Measles have been reported in Romania...
Tags: measles, rabies, Meningitis C, Meningitis, pertussis, Plague, Dengue Fever, Dengue, Cholera, Anthrax

MASTA Travel Health Alert- 1st June 2017

An outbreak of Typhoid has been reported in Zambia...
Tags: typhoid, zika, rabies, zika, Cholera, Dengue Fever, Dengue, Legionnaires Disease, Legionnaires, Polio