An appointment time & clinic to suit you & your lifestyle

MASTA (Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad), was established 30 years ago and we now operate the largest network of private travel clinics in the UK.

We have well established partnerships with Independent Pharmacies, BUPA and STA Travel amongst others. Combined with our clinics based in NHS and Occupational Health establishments; we are growing faster than ever before.

An extensive number of locations combined with a variety of appointment times, ensure that our customers receive the vaccinations and anti-malarials required, at times and locations convenient for them.

Why choose MASTA?

People visit MASTA clinics from all walks of life. The following are just a handful of reasons why people choose MASTA over other healthcare providers;

I need to arrange my vaccinations or anti-malarials but have limited time before I depart for my trip
I do not have time to sit in a clinic for an hour running through my vaccination history. I would rather do this by telephone and then attend the clinic to receive my vaccinations
It is impossible for me to attend an appointment between 9am and 5pm as I work full time, I need an appointment after work or on a Saturday.
I need a clinic that will meet all of my travel health needs, I do not have time to visit one clinic for one vaccination and another clinic for the rest based on the services that they offer
I can struggle to obtain an appointment at short notice with my usual healthcare provider
I am looking for an appointment with a specialist travel health care provider

MASTA works with a range of partners to deliver a network that is extensive and easy to reach, convenience for our customers is key.

We are proud to confirm the following:

  • All MASTA Travel Clinics are registered Yellow Fever Centres. These clinics may be MASTA named, or within GP surgeries, Pharmacies, STA Travel Agencies, or BUPA centres to name a few. Irrespective of the location, all of our clinics adhere to the same high levels of service and comply with the same exemplary clinical standards.
  • MASTA has an award winning medical team who constantly review global resources to ensure that our intelligence on travel health is second to none.
  • Our customers can receive their travel health risk assessment via telephone first or attend the clinic for this followed immediately by the vaccinations or anti-malarials.
  • We are often able to offer last minute appointments, including Saturdays, early mornings and evenings.
  • All of our MASTA clinics have access to the same core software. This means that you can attend one clinic one year and then attend a completely different MASTA clinic and the nurse or pharmacist will be able to view your vaccination history.